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Publications and Public Speaking

PRIDE. August 13, 2020. Textile Center. Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Global Social Justice, September 1, 2017, KMSU Radio, Minnesota State University~Mankato, Mankato, Minnesota
Celebrating Diverse Communities, December 2016. Radical Faeries Solstice. Nimbin, Australia
Mankato Arts Progression Panel, Fall 2015. 410 Project. Mankato, Minnesota
Finding Words, December 2014. Radical Faeries Solstice. Nimbin, Australia

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Lin, Julia. (2023, January 26) Greg Wilkins’ artwork sheds light on social issues in new global exhibition. MSU Reporter, 1.
Wilkins, Gregory. (Winter 2023) The Radical Faery Digest, Volume 192, 18, 36, 51.
Bartel, Esponda, Henderson (2022). Unconnected Yet, 130-131.
Wilkins, G. T. (2022). Vortex. Social Fabric.
Wilkins, G. T. (2022). Black Lives Matter: Hands Up, Don't Shoot. The International Journal of Equity and Social Justice in Higher Education, 1.

Wilkins, G. T. (2022). Black Lives Matter: Keep Your Eyes on the Prize. The International Journal of Equity and Social Justice in Higher Education, 1.
Wilkins, Gregory. (Fall 2022) The Radical Faery Digest, Volume 191, 52.

Wilkins, Gregory. (Summer 2022) The Radical Faery Digest, Volume 190, 13.

Tosrtud, Alexandra. (2022, April 28) Wilkins’ Art Uplifts People of Color. MSU Reporter, 1.
HCVN Television. (2022, April 25) Bringing Art to Life: Keep Your Eye on the Prize.

Johnson, Kay. (2022, March 16) Folk Song Inspires New Exhibit at Hutchinson Center for the Arts. Hutchinson Leader

Johnson, Emma. (2022, March 1) Wilkins’ Artwork Featured in D.C., MSU Reporter, 14-15.

Hast, Jullian, (2021, December 14) New Waseca Art Center Exhibit take on racism, oppression as primary subjects, Southernminnesota. com,
Wilkins, Gregory. (Fall 2021) The Radical Faery Digest, Volume 187, 16-17.
Student Union Exhibit Focuses on Racism, June 14, 2021.

Maxwell, Meredith, (April 8, 2021) Creating a Life of Change, Mankato Life,

Wilkins, Gregory. (Spring 2021) Orenda Arts Journal, Volume 2, 54-56.
Wilkins, Gregory. (November 2020) Co Lab 2020, The Show Gallery Lowertown, St. Paul, Minnesota.

Wilkins, Gregory. (Fall 2020) Observation: Human Form, Art Works, Eagan, Minnesota.

Arola, Brian. (2020, October 10) Miracle healing: Artist back doing what he loves after surgery, The Mankato Free Press, B1.
Wilkins, Gregory. (2020, May 1 – July 1) Organized Chaos, City of Eagan, Eagan Art House.

Kuehn, Kieran. (2020, February 25) Greg Wilkins’ art exhibit looks to start a conversation, MSU Reporter, 10.

Rojo-Garcia, D. (2020, February 7) Thoughts and prayers: Greg Wilkins is challenging people to think about gun violence with new Carnegie exhibit, The Mankato Free Press, B1.
Murray, R. (2019, September) Familiar faces. Mankato Magazine, Volume 9, pp. 18-19.

Murray, R. (2018, October 25) A land of memories. The Mankato Free Press.

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Wilkins, Gregory. (Summer 2014) “An AIDS Memoir”. The Radical Faery Digest, 158, 28.

WSU Insider. 33rd Heart Memorializing Murderer Questioned. April 26, 2007. Washington State University, Pullman.
The American Art Forum (Summer 1990_ Smithsonian Institution, American Art Museum, Washington, D.C.



2007     Conference Program Artist, Northwest Association of Special Programs, TRIO, Seattle, Washington

               The Federal TRIO Programs (TRIO) are Federal outreach and student services programs designed to identify and provide services for individuals from                                       disadvantaged backgrounds. TRIO includes eight programs targeted to serve and assist low-income individuals, first-generation college students, and                                           individuals with disabilities to progress through the academic pipeline from middle school to post-baccalaureate programs.

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