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Ecuador (2020)

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

May 7, 2020 I purchased my airline ticket to Ecuador on February 3, 2020 for $644. This is a great value because normally it would cost approximately $1200. The flight seat is for economy on American Airlines.

AMERICAN AIRLINES MSP Minneapolis/ St Paul 10:55am on Dec 5, 2020 with arrival to DFW Dallas/ Fort Worth at 1:24pm DFW Dallas/ Fort Worth 4:35pm to UIO Quito with arrival on Dec 6, 2020 at midight

AMERICAN AIRLINES UIO Quito on Dec 28, 2020 at 1:55am to DFW Dallas/ Fort Worth with arrival at 7:25am

DFW Dallas/ Fort Worth at 10:25am  to MSP Minneapolis/ St Paul with arrival at 12:47pm

I wonder what will happen in the coming months as Covid-19 takes a dip from the global stage. There is news stories about a resurgence, which makes me question what will nations do? This is particularly true for the airline industry which already is purging employees and guests. I trust that my flight will move forward, and I will have to keep my eyes on the news. Airlines are already talking about removing middle seats, putting up barriers between seats, not serving food on flights, not handling tickets at the gate, putting distance between passengers as they board, new restrictions at TSA, etc. There is also talk about flight prices going up 50% or more. Egads! One advantage to this is maybe the USA will finally upgrade it's rail system to mirror Europe's if costs for flights become so astronomical they are no longer cost effective for people/families. This will also end the airline industry packing people into planes. I have already booked my hostel stays and have ideas on my itinerary. December 6 – 13 – Quito Rebel Hostel Garcia Moreno S3-91 y Ambato Centro Histórico 170116 Quito Ecuador Tele: +593 98 700 4871 Breakfast included 7 nights, 1 dorm bed $78.40

December 12 – side trip to Otavalo (2 hours from Quito for Saturday market) December 13 - 15 – Banos Hostal Chimenea Luis A. Martínez y Rafael Vieira, Baños, 180250, Banos Ecuador

Phone: +593 3-274-2725

2 nights $15, 1 dorm bed

December 15 – 18 – Riobamba (4 hour trip by bus from Quito) La Merced Plaza Hostal Calle Colón 19-58 y Olmedo 170151 Riobamba Ecuador 3 nights $25, private room w/ shared bath

December 15 – enjoy Riobamba (visit Tangua Workshop) December 16 – side trip to Guano to the leather and hat market December 17 – side trip to Guamote to the market December 18 – 26 – Cuenca

Check Inn Bed and Breakfast General Torres 8-82 y S. Bolivar EC010150 Cuenca Ecuador 8 nights $44, 4-bed bunk room breakfast included December 26 – 28 - Quito Rebel Hostel Garcia Moreno S3-91 y Ambato Centro Histórico 170116 Quito Ecuador Tele: +593 98 700 4871

2 nights, 1 dorm bed breakfast included $22.40 ********************************************************************************** June 22, 2020 Ecuador opened up its international on June 1. It has been closed the last few months to reduce the amount of Covid-19 that is circulating the planet. Currently, if you are not a citizen, you will be expected to show you have taken a Covid-19 test within 7 days of your arrival and have tested negative. If you have not, you will be tested at the airport. Regardless of the result, you will be required to quarantine for 14 days in a government facility. If you are returning to the country and are a citizen, you will also be tested and put into a government quarantine though permitted to return home after 7 days and then keep in quarantine for another 7 days. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Covid-19 will dissipate in time for me to visit in December 2020. There is international discussion about Covid-19 2.0, a second wave. I am hoping this disease does not one again cut my vacation short. And if so, I trust the airline will return my money. I have temporary accommodations planned throughout the country and will need to cancel my plans by late November/early December so I am not financially penalized. As for my hostel stay in Venice, Italy in March 2020, I received in the mail a letter from my credit card company. They disputed my case on my behalf, and the money was returned to me. Sadly, the hostel did not do the right thing and return the funds. The credit card withheld payment. I appreciate the financial accountability from Chase Bank.

August 20, 2020

I am not holding my breathe for my trip to Ecuador. Currently the country will allow Americans to visit, though upon arrival you will need to spend two weeks in governmental quarantine. I am not going to travel down to South America to be cooped up in governmental housing, leaving only 10 days to see the rest of the place. I will pass. I have no idea if American Airlines will return my money or allow me to make a reservation for Winter 2021. I figure I will wait until late October to make a plan. My fear is that they will hold the money, allow me to rebook, and then have to pay the difference. This is not how I want to do it because I got the ticket for an incredible fare and fear they will jack the price up when folks can fly again. Time will tell.

October 24, 2020

After considerable debate, I have decided to cancel my trip to Ecuador. As one who is always on the go, it pangs my heart to make this decision. I am not one to not do something. With Covid-19 and its many outliers, I think it is best that I remain here in the United States until things become less chaotic. There continues to be spikes around the globe with the virus. I can only hope that another year will bring better news for the planet. And so with that, I sigh and trust that greater things are in store in the days and months ahead.

December 6, 2020

And so it begins, my stay-cation in Minnesota because of Covid-19. My heart aches, as I remain close to home knowing that I was to arrive to Ecuador yesterday. I was blessed that American Airlines refunded my entire ticket because I bout it last February. Most travel cancellations have resulted in travelers in receiving a ticket voucher allowing them to use it some where else within one year. If the ticket costs more, the person is to pay the differential. With the virus spinning out of control. there is no guarantee that folks will be able to travel even then. There is lots of hopes on the vaccine that is keeping everyone on their toes. Great Britain this last week gave their first dosages. It remains unknown how long it will be good for--- 6 months, less? At least there is something that is providing people hope. I fear this may continue to for another year before normalcy ensues. Time will tell how this will unfurl. Regardless of the outcome, I am ready to be a globetrotter once again. Until then, I will remain close to home. Better days are ahead.

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